A Winter’s Dance – official release date Aug 19, 2022

A WINTER’S DANCE by David Blonski & Anne Roos.

After three years of work before and during a pandemic, David is announcing the release of his brand new recording with award-winning harpist Anne Roos! 

“A Winter’s Dance” features Anne and David’s harp and flute playing with new age arrangements of old world folk melodies. Relish the playful dancing between Anne’s Celtic harp and David’s silver flute in traditional tunes that echo the spirit of the fall, winter, and holidays. Joyfully enter another place and time, dance with the snowflakes, and immerse yourself in these delightful instrumentals!

The official  launch date is August 19, 2022. Can’t wait to get your copy of This new music?.. this album is now available as a pre-release autographed CD.  The album is perfect to play anytime of the year, even on hot summer days when you’re longing for a cool musical breeze! 

More info and audio samples will be uploaded soon.