Music Sync & Licensing


David Blonski considers his musical works as visual music that is composed to the movies in his head and are largely inspired by the beauty he sees in the world.  We feel that it is a natural next step to offer this music for sync placemtent in the film and TV industry.  More information will be added here as David pepares his catalog for licensing and music sync placements with a searchable database of styles of music, instrumentation, themes and moods along with alternate mixes, shorts and stems.  In the meantime samples of nearly every song that David has produced during his 40 year career are available though our catalog pages and full length examples of David’s “one-stop offerings are provided below.  Should you find something in our catalog that interests you for sync placement before our library is completed, David’s music is avaible through ASCAP licensing or you can reach out to us directly at… or call 1-530-333-1335

While we are preparing our library you can still preview a few of our original mastered full length tracks for sync placement by clicking on the album images below.. More on the way soon! We are here to serve you sync needs.  All the titles below are “one-stop” with David owning 100% of the copyrights, publishing and master.