Timeless Productions Studio

David composes and records most of his music in his personal studio facility located in a beautiful Sierra Foothill setting on 10 acres in Northern California… a quiet, remote & peaceful environment perfect for his singer/songwriter material and small accoustic oriented groups.  Mobile recording is often done when David works with larger bands then overdubbing, mixing, and mastering happens back in the studio environment.

A TIMELESS MUSICAL EXPERIENCE – David is a voting member of the Recording Academy and has nearly 40 years of experience as a producer, recording engineer, musician and recording artist and has released more than two dozen original CDs & DVDs on our private label selling more than 350,000 physical copies of his works plus thousands of downloads and streams.  David has worked with dozens of local artists & bands to help them produce outsanding recording projects.  Most noteable are…  Old West Trio, Hickory Wind, The Audities, The Celtic Melody Orchestra, The Singing Nuns, Farm Fresh, Slate Mountain Bluegrass, Red Heart, Debrah Warner, Paradox Prophet and scores of others.  Whether David is working on a solo project or collaborating with other artists the recording process usually takes place in our well equipped and comfortable studio space. The core of our recording equipment is mounted in travel cases so we also do mobile recording from time to time at events or practice studios.  

DAVID’S STUDIO RATE is $45/hour which includes him as recording engineer, mixer and co/propducer if needed.  David can also do mastering, graphic design and small run duplication of CDs.  Discount block rates are available for projects requiring more that 20 hours.

PROJECTS NOW IN THE WORKS…. Much of David’s music is inspired by the beauty of nature and his love of multicultural themes. Currently David is loving collaborating with other artists….

  • David is now working with the Crystal Alchemy Project as a collaborating musician and musical producer to create a project designed to aid with personal transformation and healing.
  • David is also working with celtic harpist, Anne Roos.   Their newly relased follow up album to “Though the Mist” is based upon traditional Old English folk music. Entiltled “A Winter’s Dance”, this new album was released on August 19, 2022.
  • David and percussionist Pete Fairley have been in different groups together for close to 20 years.  Their current group is known as Petroglyph and they are putting together new music along with some things from the past.  Their focus is on world fusion and they have presented educational performances in schools throughout Northern California and Nevada. Some material is written together and some individually at Pete’s practice studio or David’s recording studio.
  • David’s rock alter-ego has manifested in the formation of the band… Beyond A Dream .  David’s musical partner in this group is Andy Lagomarsino, the bass player for Ron Wood and the Surfaris, Steel Breeze and numerous other bands.  David and Andy plan to release a band self-titled project in 2020 with drummer Dave Faria.


We can offer full service production assistance including recording, mixing, mastering & graphic design for your printed materials.  Retail ready CD-R duplication available in house for small runs!… or we can refer you to large scale duplicating facilities. 

phone: 530-333-1335…. ask for David Blonski

David is also available to do live sound for small to medium sized venues… call for details.


Standard Industry rates apply but occasionally works by the hour for corporate or educational clients.

Soundtracks for corporate, documentary, educational or commercial video productions, scoring for spoken word self-help products.

David is a musical wizard with skill & expertise as a music composer, performer, producer and arranger.  Using a unique collection of folk and ethnic instruments from around the world and a collection of guitars, ‘vintage’ synthesizers and samplers paired with endless virtual instruments you can expect real magic to add the emotional content that your project needs.

HAVE A FIXED BUDGET?…  Let’s talk and see what can be arranged.

phone: 530-333-1335…. ask for David Blonski