Didgeridoo in the American Outback

A refreshing new look at one of the oldest and most primitive instruments known to man.  David’s unique approach to this instrument honors its aboriginal roots by using the land and animals of the “new world” to inspire this collection of Didjeridoo recordings. David’s evocative and contemporary style adds a percussive element to his didjeridoo playing that helps bring this 40,000 year old instrument into the modern world while still maintaining its primal roots…. 60 minutes
Listen to short audio samples below…

Didjeridoo in the American Outback - CD
Didjeridoo in the American Outback - CD
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Didjeridoo in the American Outback - full digital download
Didjeridoo in the American Outback - full digital download
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Haleakala Sunrise

Walk in the Garden

Forest Mists





Run with the Pack

Gathering Storm

Tribal Rhythm

Into the Night

Evening at the Pond

Sky World

New Horizons

All music composed, performed and produced by

David A. Blonski
Didjeridoo, Flutes, Bamboo Sax, Vocals, Percussion, Keyboards

2nd Didgeridoo performed by Peter Spoecker
Additional Vocals – Sharon Gardner & Peter Spoecker
Graphic Design and Layout: David Blonski
Cover Photos: Nina Blonski Petroglyph Photo: Karen Jackson