Didjeridu Planet 2

An impressive anthology of 30 contemporary didgeridoo recordings performed by musicians from around the globe. Featuring diverse compositions ranging from primal didgeridoo solos to techon-didge dance grooves.  It’s an absolute must for anyone interested in a world view of this ancient and primal instrument.
Listen to short audio samples below…

Didjeridu Planet 2 - CD Compilation
Didjeridu Planet 2 - CD Compilation
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Price: $18.98
Price: $14.98
Didjeridu Planet 2 - full digital download
Didjeridu Planet 2 - full digital download
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Price: $4.98

Well of the World – Rick Dusek, USA

MoketKommer / Vinden Hyler II – Lars Grue / Bernt Balchen, NOR

Trance Around the Fire – Dave Crowder, USA

Sunrise – Peter Watkins, AUS

Duet in D – Rainer Malinowski / Ed Drury, USA

War & Piece – Guilherme Barros, BRA

El Nino – Rob Hughes, CAN

Cosmic Soup – Guan Lim, AUS

Sea & Sky – Rasta Robert, NLD

Sky Sailing – Charles Koeppen, USA

The Capriole – Sven Wesenlund, NOR

Cabbage Patchin – Karl Kalbaugh, USA

Whowahwah – Marko Johnson, USA

Funkwheelin – Doug Moser, USA

Didgezilla – David Blonski, USA

Intripineur – John Arntz, USA

Deepio Tu – Randy Graves, USA

In the Hollow – John Pascuzzi, USA

From the Heart of the Beast, Karl Sacksteader, USA

Squail – Jawhidge / Ed Drury, USA

Saurian Shuffle – Clay Garett, USA

Kurunba – John Madill, USA

Dance on the Dunes – John Morfit, USA

Starting from Cold – Brandi Chase, USA

Wallaby Hop – Michael Savasito, USA

The Mimic – Scott Gardner, AUS

Disco Didge – Tim Whittemore, USA

Definitely Didgeridoo – Peter Spoeker, USA

OhhNunnEee – Ted Walkin, USA

Feel the Joy – Allen Smith, USA

Edited, compiled and produced by David Blonski for the infamous “Didjeridu List”…
an internet mail group created to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas,
dissemination of information and general discussion of the Didgeridoo and related topics.