Didjeridu Planet 3

An extraordinary collection of 31 contemporary didjeridu recordings performed by musicians from around the globe. Evocative, tribal, and rhythmic, it’s an absolute must for anyone interested in a world view of this ancient and primal instrument. 74 minutes in length.

Diderdiu Planet 3 - CD
Diderdiu Planet 3 - CD
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Diderdiu Planet 3 - full digital download
Diderdiu Planet 3 - full digital download
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“The ‘Didjeridu Planet’ series of recordings represents a worldwide wellspring of creativity that has sprung up around one of our planet’s most ancient instruments, the Aboriginal Didjeridu of Australia. This third installment is an incredible fusion of primitive and contemporary musical forms that takes the listener on an amazing journey.”
David Blonski – Producer

1 Thud….. Guy Brown

2 Restless Sky….. Bush Giants, Ianto Thurber

3 Didge Jam….. Gary Cannell

4 Yin Yang….. Dave Crowder

5 Windblown….. John Davis

6 Kirra’s Run….. Rick Dusek, Daniel Hamilton

7 Bareback….. Dominic Gaudious

8 Thunder…..Andy Graham

9 US Clay….. Barry Hall

10 E-Funk….. Ian Hesford

11 Get To It….. Ben Hicks

12 Holfuf….. Joel Hinkle

13 Hitchhiker Flies….. Daryn Jaya

14 Monster….. Tomasz Jurecki

15 Tribe….. Land of the Blind, Krystov

16 Bordertown….. Andrew Langford

17 Adronalin….. Keith Leaman

18 The Red Stuff….. Tim Lee

19 Pasos de Gigantes….. John Madill

20 The Scandanavian Set….. The Bringers, Byron Miller

21 Dark Moon….. Tommy Michael

22 Echoes….. Samuel Mourot

23 Flight of the Hawks….. Pangaea, David Blonski

24 Funk in the Trunk….. John Pascuzzi

25 Didge Madness….. Martin Schiff

26 Au Nord du Nord….. Mathieu Simard, Pierre Chartier

27 Baraka….. Alan Tower, Calvin Lai

28 Reboot….. Peter Van Gorder

29 Hardedidje….. Anton Woldhek

30 Rock Hill….. Thomas Workman

31 BC Boogie….. Walt Young

Music compiled and mastered by David Blonski with help from John Madill…. 
Cover Art for CD booklet by Robert Evans…. Traycard art by Kenneth Woodruff…..
CD art by Lucy Hughes…. Layout and graphic design by David Blonski.
Special Thanks to Karl Kalbaugh who started the Didjeridu Planet series and
Toyoji Tomita, the keeper of “The Didjeridu List”.