Windsong Flutes

….. The Travelers Instrument …..

Windsong Flutes are finely crafted folk instruments of superior tonal quality and made by a musician who takes care to assure that each flute is tuned to concert pitch so that you can read from sheet music and may play in harmony with piano, guitar or any other properly tuned instrument.

These colorful flutes are made of a durable and nearly indestructible vinyl plastic that can go with you anywhere.  With the provided cloth case with belt loop they can hang at your side and make the perfect travel companion whether your a serious back packer or just out for the day

“G” Flute 17″…….. $28.00
“C”Piccolo 13″….. $23.00

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The Flute and Piccolo pictured above are played by blowing over the  mouth hole as you would a bottle.  By saying “too” while feeling the edge of the hole with your lower lip, your lips will be in proper position.  All of our Windsong Flutes and Piccolos employ the same simple but efficient fingering system that make these instruments easy to learn and play. The Flute is made in the key of G. This means that the lowest note you can play is the G and that the diatonic do.. re.. me.. scale in the key of G will be played with straight fingering. The Piccolo is played in the same manner as the G flute but at a higher pitch. It’s lowest note will be a C and straight fingering will play the C diatonic scale. This simple fingering system makes it very easy to figure out simple melodies such as those in many simple nursery rhymes and children’s songs. When you use the included fingering chart to learn all the other notes in the chromatic scale you end up with a very versatile instrument capable of playing in many different keys.

Recorders Image

12" long... $20

The Windsong Recorder

The Recorder is played simply by blowing into the end of the instrument so that no special embouchure is needed, making it the ideal instrument for youngsters of any age. Our recorders are replicas of a centuries old soprano recorder commonly used in Celtic and early chamber music.  They have a more precise fingering system that takes just a little longer to learn but they are simpler to blow into and they are great for kids.  These instruments are commonly used in school music programs in the 4th and 5th Grades.  Instruction books for learning to play the soprano recorder are available from most music stores. These instrumentst also come with a protective cloth travel case with belt loop.

Flutes are priced at $28.00       Piccolos priced at $23.00
Recorders are priced at $20.00
More instruments being developed... check back future updates!

Shipping and handling is $5.00     CA residents add 8.25% sales tax