Jonathan and the Glympsle – Adventures in the Land of Many Colors

Destined to be a “classic”, this children’s story is a heartwarming tale about a boy and his imaginary friend and their adventures together through the magical world of nature. During his journey, Jonathan meets a cast of characters as rich and varied as the colors of the rainbow. The enchanting musical score and charming songs help to make this a delightful tale for children of all ages. Running time: 60 minutes
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Johnathan and the Glympsle - CD
Johnathan and the Glympsle - CD
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Johnathan and the Glympsle - full digital download
Johnathan and the Glympsle - full digital download
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Introduction to the Story

Good Morning Song

Red Ant Song

Butterfly Blues

Perfect Miracle

The Story: As the morning sun shines through a crystal hanging in Jonathan’s bedroom window it is transformed into little bursts of rainbow colors that dance about the room. As they pass across his eyelids he awakens to a day of extraordinary adventures beginning with his encounter with the Glympsle, an impish little character that one can only see out of a corner of an eye. Jonathan is then is then introduced to a magical side of the world of nature when the Glympsle helps Jonathan to use his imagination to transform himself into a tree, a red ant and a vast array of other colorful creatures. As he sets out on this remarkable journey he meets a cast of unusual characters including a dizzy and emotional butterfly, a pompous bee, a sorrowful caterpillar, a happy go lucky bluebird, a dreamy dragonfly, and of course there’s the wise old owl to help shed light on the lessons to be learned from this fanciful tale. Together with the delightful musical score and unforgettable songs, this story is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Story written by: David and Nina Blonski, Jeani Duncan and John Funk

Original Concept by Jeani Duncan
Musical score by David Blonski
Recorded, engineered, mastered and produced by David Blonski

Casey Blonski as Jonathan,
David Blonski as the Red Ant, the Bee, the Dragonfly and the Caterpillar
Nina Blonski as Jonathan’s Mother, and the Bluebird
Jeani Duncan as the Glympsle, the Butterfly and the Narrator
Christopher Duncan as the Owl

Good Morning song – written and performed by David Blonski
The Tree Song – Written by David Blonski and John Funk and sung by Jeani Duncan
The Butterfly Blues – written and performed by Jeani Duncan
The Red Ant Song – lyrics by Jeani Duncan sung by David Blonski
Perfect Miracle – written by Sammy Whitecap sung by Casey Blonski
You Can Share Anything – written by Jeani Duncan and sung by entire cast
Perfect Miracle – sung by the entire cast