Land of the Midnight Sun – NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN by David Blonski with Jon Allasia
This recording from David Blonski and Jon Allasia features acoustic guitar and flute with vast electronic and orchestral backdrops paying tribute to our planet’s frozen arctic and mountainous expanses and the beauty that can be found in these most desolate of places.  The music flows smoothly from soft ambient spaces to bold orchestral and rhythmic statements and back again.
Listen to short audio samples below….

This Title is part of David’s past discography and you can still listen to it on our Timeless Productions Spotify Playlist but it is no longer available for sale!

Aurora – 10:38

Softer Side of Heaven – 3:30

Yesterday’s Sunset – 3:22

Land of the Midnight Sun – 4:48

Avalanche – 1:58

Ice Flow – 3:01

Footprints – 2:46

Ice Castles – 5:42

Desolation Wilderness – 8:30

Land of the Midnight Sun
All music composed, arranged and performed by
David A. Blonski    &   Jon Allasia

David Blonski – Flute, Synthesizers & Electronic Percussion
Jon Allasia – Guitars & Synthesizers

String Bass –  Hans Halt , Cliff Hill  /  Violin – Michael Harrison, Dan Rosen, Kevin Lancaster 
String Arrangements for Softer Side of Heaven & Yesterday’s Sunset – Michael Harrison
English Horn & Flute – Frank Benvenuto
Recorded at Allasia Studio South Lake Tahoe, CA
Graphic Design:  David Blonski

copyright – David Blonski & Jon Allasia
David Blonski / Timeless Productions
5050 Traverse Creek Rd., Garden Valley,  CA  95633  530) 333-1335

“Love will find a way…
A way out of the dark and
out of the cold.
For love is the guide that is
bringing the changing,
and we shall see a
new sun arising”
……. Jody Bergsma
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