Saturn Rising by David Blonski with Jon Allasia – NO LONGER AVAILABLE!

David Blonski and Jon Allasia come together again to create a magnificent recording of Electronic Space Music at its very best. This sonic journey transports you into the realms of deep space, where time and matter are but an element of thought. In this realm, thought can travel faster than the speed of light and time has little or no meaning. Here we can explore the cosmos or search our own inner depths which are as vast and limitless as the universe itself. It is the exploration of our inner universe that holds the key to our successes, happiness, sense of well being and inner peace. We invite all our friends who listen to this music to sit back, relax, close your eyes and experience whatever the mind & spirit has to offer. It is unlikely that you will be disappointed with time well spent.
Listen to short audio samples below….

This Album is part of David’s past discography and you can listen to it on our Timeless Productions Spotify Playlist but it is no longer available for Sale!


Twilight – 3:53

Stardust – 1:50

The Dreaming – “Among the Stars” – 6:04

Solar Winds – 9:42

The Dreaming II – “Vision” – 4:28

When Angels Touch – 5:06

Sojourn – 3:28

Saturn Rising – 6:28

Beyond the Outer Rings – 3:26

Voyager – 4:38

Moons of Saturn – 6:02

New Frontiers – 6:04

All music composed, arranged and performed by

David A. Blonski            &            Jon Allasia

        Wind Synthesizer                      Guitar Synthesizer
   Keyboards                                   Keyboards

Keyboards and sound modules used:  EMU Proteus/1xr,
Korg 01/WFD, M3R, and DW-8000, Kawai K1r, Casio FZ-1
Yamaha DX7IIFD and TX81Z with WX& Wind Controller
Casio PG-380 Guitar Synthesizer
Lyricon on “Vision” by Dallas Smith of the Mazer and Smith Duo
Cover art:  Sharon Lizerbram
Graphic Layout:  David Blonski / Timeless Productions