SHORELINE by David Blonski with Synchestra
This recording is one of David’s all-time best selling releases. It is a magical distillation of the healing and rejuvenating forces of nature embodied by the season of spring. Recorded at a remote lakeshore setting in northern Maine, the recordings of the dawn chorous later inspired improvisational sessions in the studio where David captured the essence of life’s reemergence after its restful winter sleep. Joyful, playful and filled with a sense of vitality this recording also conveys a feeling of wellbeing and peace, perfect for relaxation or mindful activities like yoga or tai chi and massage. Great for stress reduction.
Listen to short audio samples below…

Shoreline - CD
Shoreline - CD
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Shoreline - full digital download
Shoreline - full digital download
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Part 1 – 23:20

Part 2 – 23:21

Music composed and performed by

David Blonski with Synchestra

David Blonski – Silver Flute, Acoustic Percussion
Ed Van Fleet – Synthesizers, Guitar, Acoustic and Electronic Percussion

copyright 1995 David Blonski / Ed Van Fleet