The Bells of Arcosanti

A hauntingly beautiful and meditative musical journey to Arcosanti featuring the magical sounds of the Soleri Bronze Bells accented by Bamboo bass flute, silver flute, hammered dulcimer, guitar, bamboo sax, didgeridoo and the unique ambient atmospherics of Arcosanti.
Listen to short audio samples below…

The Bells of Arcosanti - CD
The Bells of Arcosanti - CD
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The Bells of Arcosanti - full digital download
The Bells of Arcosanti - full digital download
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Produced and Composed by
David Blonski and Daryl Simmons
Daryl Simmons – Bell Percussion, Vocals & Architectural Atmospherics
David Blonski – Bamboo Flute and Sax, Silver Flute, Didjeridu, Wind Chimes
Kate Price – Hammer Dulcimer, Vocals / Rob Simmons – Electric & Acoustic Guitar
Graphic Design – Rob Simmons
copyright 1998 David Blonski / Timeless Productions
Album Notes…
Recorded in part at the legendary architectural and ecological habitat of Arcosanti, designed by visionary artist and architect, Palo Soleri. Featuring the magical overtones of the Soleri Bronze Bells.
“One of our picks for the year’s most serene CDs.” – New Age Journal

PURE MAGIC – From the first few moments, with the pure metallic tones of bells large and small, and earthy sounds of bamboo flute, you know you’re hearing something special. This recording was made within and around the ecological/architectural site of Arcosanti in the Arizona Desert, described by the producers as “Architecture that sings with spirit”.

Within the vaulted domes and spacious curves of Arcosanti’s structures, the site itself became the recording studio for this collection of meditative compositions, capturing the magical harmonics and overtones of bronze bells that hang everywhere. While some ring ambiently others are played percussively, then blended with a variety of instruments: Japanese bass flute, bamboo saxophone, acoustic guitar, didjeridoo, silver flute, hammered dulcimer, and a special appearance by Celtic vocalist Kate Price.

The rich harmonics of bronze bells evoke a natural relaxation response, and create and ideal ambience for meditation, massage, yoga, tai chi and journeying.


Hauntingly beautiful and meditative. This music will transport you into the acoustic spaces of your inner being, and resonate deeply within your soul.” – Leading Edge Review

“Taking the Paul Winter concept of music, natural spaces and nature to a new place, this spellbinding CD is a must… a sweet set.” – Midwest Record Recap

“An incredible and deeply moving album,… true soul music” – Concepts

“There is a harmony and balance that resonates with inner peace, weaving its way through each composition. The Music is soothing, calm, and naturally introspective”. -Awareness Magazine

“The mood it conveys is of sound coming from a remote, sunlit, otherworldly place, like the un-ruined remains of an ancient temple out in a silent desert space”. – Wind and Wire