Thundering Skies, a Nature’s Symphony

A  lovely nature recording of a gentle thunder shower that passes through the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.  Perfect for creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere in a candle lit room.  One of Nature’s Symphonies. 60 minutes
Listen to short audio samples below….

Thundering Skies - CD
Thundering Skies - CD
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Thundering Skies - full digital download
Thundering Skies - full digital download
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Evening on the Deck

The Morning After

Album notes….

All of the nature recordings for this album were recorded during a single storm as it passed through the Sierra Nevada foothills at my home in Garden Valley, CA.  The storm began gathering just before dusk and continued on through the next morning.  We start at the creek that runs beside the house then retreat to the deck as the storm arrives.  The following morning is spent under the canopy of trees behind the house and I was never more than 20 to 30 feet from my home to capture all of the recordings.

What others have said…

In Thundering Skies, the orchestra is a gentle summer shower in the sierra foothills. Avian vocalizations,.. a babbling brook,.. distant rolling thunder…(and as the evening falls), crickets and then rain (as the storm arrives).  Each part is sonically interesting in that the ambient environment keeps changing (from dusk to evening then to the next morning)…. These changes make for a very interesting background at a social gathering, or for a mood in the drought… It is indeed well recorded… The changing ambience works like the movements of a musical composition, and is appropriate to the series title of “Nature’s Symphonies”