Greetings from Worcester, Massachusetts where I am in the process of building four labyrinths at the Worcester Psychiatric Hospital that is currently being rebuilt after burning down in 1991.  I’ve been here for a couple of weeks working with a team of 4 other labyrinth builders for Labyrinth Enterprises that holds the contract for this labyrinth installation.  The last time I was on the east coast for this long I was recording my second album, “Shoreline” under the Elfin Music label back in 1985 in Camden, Main.

This Hospital was first built in 1870 and was once know as the Worcester Lunatic Asylum The hospital has an colorful past and you can see some interesting photos by visiting…

The old and the new


Construction on the new facility began in 2009 and is nearing completion and it will likely open next year.  The place is abuzz with activity as trees and shrubs are being planted, walkways and patios are being put in place on the exterior grounds and workers inside are finishing the interior.  Sometimes it can be quite hectic so all the more need for a calming labyrinth on the grounds.  Here is an image of a nearly completed ‘Santa Rosa’ design labyrinth in one of the hospital courtyards.

Nearly completed 'Santa Rosa' pattern

We have now completed cutting the designs into the concrete on all 4 labyrinths and we have painted 2 of them.  We have two more to paint and a lot of detailing to do before we seal the designs with a clear polymer.  I fly home on Monday, Oct 10th, so we hope to have most of the project wrapped up by Sunday afternoon.  If you want learn more about this type of labyrinth installation you can visit my website at and click on the ‘Concrete Labyrinth’ link in the navigation bar.

Hope to post some more in a day or two… woohoo… my first blog