HI all,  I was visiting family in Southern California recently when I got the opportunity to play a bass clarinet.  My daughter-in-law plays clarinet and bass clarinet in a wind ensemble at the University of California at Fullerton where she is currently enrolled and she practices daily.  She brought out the bass-clarinet that she plays in the ensemble to play for us and then offered me the opportunity to play a little.  I had played clarinet and bass clarinet in junior high school back in the 60’s so I was able to noodle around a bit and play some nice little improvisational pieces but I was quite humbled by Rani’s great tone and high level of proficiency.

After playing for a bit I became curious about what might happen if I took off the mouthpiece and tried playing the instrument as a didgeridoo.  The YouTube video link below is a record of what happened next…. enjoy!