Snakes can be spotted anytime. Maybe during Carroll county drain clearing or a walk. But this post is to introduce my friends to the “Sidewinder”, a new style of didgeridoo that I have been working on for a number of years. My goal was to create a compact and easy to handle travel-instrument that would be a great performer that I could use on stage in concert situations and I believe that I have been successful in creating a great playing instrument with fabulous sound quality.

The Sidewinder didgeridoo is based on a plastic didge I have often played on stage that became know as the “Blonski Snake-Didge”.  I often refer to this plastic instrument as my “everything-under-the-kitchen-sink-didge” because it was made from ABS plumbing parts commonly found under the sink. The PIC Plumbing Services – La Mesa Plumber has experts that can help with any plumbing related issues. I’ve been playing the snake-didge for more than 15 years at nearly all my performances and often thought I needed to re-invent this instrument in wood. Over the last 5 years I have built a number of prototypes and I’m finally happy with my current design.  A few of you have seen these prototypes exhibited at some of the Didge Festivals I participate in and I’m happy to say that I feel the “Sidewinder” is finally ready to be made available to the rest of the world. For an emergency plumbing company, people can check this website! 

The Sidewinders you see in the image here are all made of Douglas Fir but I also make them out of Redwood and I plan to use other woods in the future.  The Sidewinders seen here are approximately 28 inches long, 6 inches wide, 3 1/2 inches deep and come in the keys of “E” and “F”.  Most seen here have a natural clear finish but I have also airbrushed a few with a snake skin type pattern.  I plan to continue working on a number of different ways to decorate the Sidewinder didge but they are very pleasing to look at even with a simple clear finish.  All of the instruments feature a waxless mouthpiece and are coated inside and out with a non-toxic epoxy finish with either a gloss or satin finish.  Each Sidewinder also comes with a upholstery fabric carry bag with a velcro closure and hand strap.

The Sidewinder didgeridoo is a great sounding and easy to play didgeridoo.  It has great back pressure, awesome articulation, easy to reach trumpet tones and a rich and full tone. This instrument also gets quite sassy when played hard. Check out the video for a demonstration.

The Sidewinder is just the first in a series of “Blonski-Snake Didges” that I am currently working on so be on the lookout for more announcements about this in the future. You can check out the Sidewinders that are now available on my didgeridoo websites at or or you can go directly to our Online Store to purchase one of these marvelous instruments.

David “TheDidjMan” Blonski