Here is a photo of the “featured artist wall” at the Art on the Divide Coop Gallery in Georgetown, California where my fractal art prints were displayed during the winter of 2012.  This was my first gallery showing of my new endeavors in visual art.  This new art grew out of my efforts to create visual elements for my concert performances in an attempt to create a unique multi-media show.

I was first introduced to fractal art nearly twenty years ago back in the 90’s by my dear friend Peter Spoecker.  When he passed away a few years back I inherited a collection of his art that I put together for a showcase combining his art with my music.  This was followed by my first DVD release of visual music, “Fractal Meditations”.

With the release of the DVD came many requests for printed images but video resolutions are very low in comparison to high resolution print images so I began anew with my own exploration of fractal art and most all the images seen in my gallery came from my explorations that has been going on for the last 4 or 5 years.  The images that I am now creating are nearly 12 times the resolution of the images first created by Peter so the detail of my new work is absolutely stunning.  I currently have two more DVD’s planned that will feature my own artwork and are designed to demonstrate the infinite realm of fractal geometry to a much greater degree.

I will post more about fractal geometry and this remarkable art form in future posts.  Below is a YouTube video that allows you to view 5 short samples of some of the video music offered on the “Fractal Meditations” DVD which is an hour in length and features eleven tracks in total…. enjoy!