Well it’s been ages since my last blog entry and long over due.  The exciting news is that I have formed a new band with bassist Andy Lagomarsino who played with Ron Woods and the Surfaris for close to 10 years back in the 70’s & 80s’.  This represents my 3rd reinvention of myself and my music.  So after 30 years of producing instrumental music for relaxation and the healing arts and then moving on to world fusion, I’m going back to the days of my youth and exploring good old fashioned rock and roll as a singer/songwriter.  The new band is called “Beyond A Dream”  and we are about to head into the studio to record our first album of all original vocal songs.  This is turning out to be one of the most exciting times of my life and considering the longevity of my music career, that’s saying a lot.

Andy and I have been wood shedding, writing and practicing a live show for quite a while and we now have enough material to record a full album and getting close to being able to take the music out on the road.  I would categorize us as an indie pop rock band that blends folk, rock, jazz, blues and world music elements that is reminiscent of the music of the 60’s and the summer of love but reborn with a new and refreshing voice.

Andy and I are enlisting the help of many of the friends we have made over the years in the business that includes my music partner from the 70’s, songwriter Michael Bivin. We’ll also be using the talents of Andy’s friends, Val Fuentes, the drummer from “It’s a Beautiful Day”, Daryl Hooper, the keyboard player from “The Seeds” and our producer and 2nd guitarist, Joe Hougnon of Propaganda Records.  It’s a very exciting line-up of talent and we are blessed to have them on board to give birth to this new project.  We are hopeful that the album will be ready for release in a few months and perhaps by the beginning of next year.  For more information on the band go to www.BeyondADreamMusic.com or visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/BeyondADreamMusic